First off, what kind of website are you looking for?
A blog you say? Great, WordPress is PERFECT for you!

Something else (information site, portfolio, forum, e-commerce, member site, etc.)? Great WordPress is PERFECT for you!

Wait! I thought WordPress is just a blogging platform??

You’d be correct – 5 years ago.

With the introduction of Custom Post types, WordPress began its evolution into a full-fledged content management system. Matt Mullenweg, the co-founding developer of WordPress has actually referred to the platform as a “web operating system”. No longer is WordPress specific to blogging. It’s actually not specific to any one function at all, which makes it really intriguing. Today, WordPress should be thought of as a web framework that can be built upon to create any type of web application you can imagine!

WordPress has emerged as the most popular content management system out, and for good reason. Just ask CNN, UPS, Forbes, eBay, Sony, and GM how much they like having WordPress power their websites.

So what makes WordPress so freakin’ awesome?

It’s easy to use for the non-programmer

In actuality, you can build a standard, decent-looking site without ever touching a line of code! It’s not too hard for the everyday user to learn the basic functionality. If you can create a document using Microsoft Word, you can post content to the web using WordPress.

The real power of this, is that when you have a custom WordPress site developed for you, managing your own content becomes effortless. Many site owners do not like to have to contact their developer every time they need to change their hours of operation or add a new page. This can end up being pretty costly and it probably won’t get done right away either.

Extensible for developers

If you really know what you are doing, WordPress can become any type of web application you can imagine! This framework was built to make extending functionality extremely practical. This allows developers to create truly tailored web applications for their clients.

Google likes WordPress

google-485611_1280If google doesn’t like you then you basically don’t exist. OK that is a little extreme, but it holds some truth on the web.

We all know the importance of being high in search engine listings so you want to make sure your site is built with SEO in mind. WordPress is not only written in high quality code to begin with, but it also comes equipped with many search optimization tools. In addition, it is easy to implement additional SEO techniques.

Safe and secure

padlocks-597815_1280Many of the most common security practices are built right into WordPress. Therefore, it is already extremely safe and secure. With that said, the internet universe is vast and attackers don’t sleep.  Like for SEO, WordPress makes it easy to really buff up the security of your site.

Keeps your site fresh

Your website is a living breathing entity. When your website has not been updated in years, your users will know – and so will hackers. Times change and it is very important to keep your website code up to date. With WordPress, you have a whole professional development team doing the hard part for you. You just need to click the little “update” button and voila! your core code is current with the times.

As for the visual side of your site, it may take a little more on your part (or the developer’s) to modernize the look.

The community is huge

Just google anything to do with WordPress and you will see what I mean. WordPress is an open source project that is constantly being developed and improved. There are tons of active members to the community providing kick-ass plugins, support, themes, advice, resources, etc. The amount of information, collaboration, and documentation available is what really makes working with WordPress so much fun!

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