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My name is Brandon and I'm a business marketing & sales consultant, online entrepreneur, and student of the mind. If you're the owner of a local business or an ecom store that wants to systematically get more customers and exponentially grow their profits...

Ready to start playing chess while your competition is still playing checkers?

Results For Days

Numbers don't lie. Most small business owners string together a bunch of random tactics hoping that what they're doing will grow their business. Our clients get results. Go->

Ecom Audit

I will view your ecom store as if I were a customer looking to purchase something. I'll report what's good, where you're losing trust, how you're missing conversions, and how to fix it all. Go->


I'm obsessed with the interconnectedness of business, marketing, sales, the mind, the universe, life. Sometimes I write about it. If you're interested in growing your self and your business, you might learn some cool stuff.  Go->

Local Marketing Strategy

I'll show you in 20 minutes exactly how you are going to double your business in the next 90 days to 12 months. And if you're ambitious, how to completely dominate your market. Go->

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August 20, 2020


They Say

Dianne Martin DDS

Cosmetic Dentist

"Let him look at your current marketing!!! He will fix everything!"

Timothy Hardie

General Contractor

"When I started working with Brandon 4 years ago it was a dream come true. I've been burned so many times in the past and this was the first time I got results that mattered!! My business has grown every year and the results just keep improving!"

Henry Fletcher DPM


"I don't pay Brandon and his team to do my marketing, I pay them to not do my competitor's marketing."

Hugh Chaney

Financial Advisor

"They went in and organized everything and laid out a plan like I never imagined. They made everything so clear and logical. As a numbers guy myself, this was impressive. The best investment I've ever made. I highly recommend at least having him look at your marketing."